about us


There has always been real honesty about us and the way we make our products. It's something we're very proud of. Nothing hidden, and certainly nothing added to enhance flavours or prolong the life of ingredients artificially. Everything we make is handmade by us in our Essex kitchens by our small team of staff. You might say everything is 'handmade to perfection'.


It's important to us that we use high quality, local ingredients in all our food. Our customers want to know that our products are not only great quality but that the ingredients have been sourced locally. Sourcing great quality, fresh, local ingredients are at the heart of what we do - and it's what makes our products taste amazing.




Louise Jones - CEO


Louise joined the business in 2013, with a great passion for food and is a keen cook herself. Louise has an experienced background in the food industry and was a senior buyer for a major UK food retailer. She understands the detail and commitment required in getting great quality products to market.

"Sharing my passion for the excellent quality food is my reason for going to work everyday."

Alan Gregory

Kitchen Manager

Kat Watts

Business & Customer Coordinator

Janet Warner

Accounts & HR