The Launch of Our New 'Posh Pies'

National Pie Week sees the launch of some new and exciting products here at the Dan Hull 'Pie Shed'...introducing our very own POSH PIES.


We've been working on the idea of individual fresh pies for a while now - really focussing on some different flavours using fresh herbs and strong flavours. I wanted to use classic dishes with a little Dan Hull twist. Beef Bourguignon is a real classic dish, but with fresh herbs and a short crust base and a rough puff pastry topping, it gives a perfect combination. Our Steak and Ale Pie is a firm favourite with all our customers, so for the Posh Pie I've added some english mustard to give it a nice little kick and it really transforms the flavour into something special.

I've picked two of my favourite accompaniments with Chicken - Chicken & Fresh Tarragon being one mixed with a white wine reduction and cream. The other is Chicken with Bacon & Leeks.

These really enhance the flavour of the chicken, sometimes with chicken it is the sauce that makes the dish, and these pies certainly prove this.

I think that if you have a great pastry base then you can add all your favourite flavours into the pie.

I absolutely love Beef Bourguignon and I love the fact you can encase it in a pie, you almost don't need to do much more with it.


Over the past couple of years, the single biggest thing we've been asked to develop by our customers is a Fresh Pie - something that you can 'grab and go'. We all have busy lives and our customers have come to trust the quality of food we can produce - great ingredients, locally sourced and top quality straight from the fridge. It's every day food - handmade to perfection.

These individual 270g pies are going to be cooked and sold fresh with reheating in mind, but are also pretty delicious cold. With four in the range they are all very different flavours so can be served with quite different accompaniments - mashed, sautéed, roasted potatoes all work and all sorts of seasonal vegetables would work too. The flavour is within the pie, so I wouldn't have too many other flavours on the plate.

I'm really excited to add this to our ever increasing range of fresh deli products, as it follows on from what we already do. I like to think that we're great at New Product Innovation here and the Posh Pie is something that strengthens our very popular fresh Deli Range. It's a great quick and easy posh meal solution or a grab for a quick lunch. I think once someone has tried one of the flavours they will be busting to try the other three.


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