Quality Food - Handmade to Perfection

We've really love creating new products - it's what we do best, we love coming up with new and exciting food that everyone can enjoy, everyday.

There's nothing better than a simple Sausage Shortie and a dollop of our handmade coleslaw for a quick, mouth waveringly delicious lunch!

We want to be the second cook in the home. If you don't have time to prepare food yourself, in your own kitchen, with fresh ingredients, then we are the next best thing. More time for other things? No time to cook? If you can buy a great quality, fresh version already made that saves some time, why not? The working parents or mum looking for a mid-week meal for the children, with a cook from frozen pie. Sharing an impromptu picnic on a sunny day with handmade salads, sausage shorties and scotch eggs. Having friends over unexpectedly for pate, parfait and wine. It's what life's about...enjoying great food with friends and family knowing that what you are eating is great quality without having to make it yourself.

There has always been real honesty about us and the way we make our products. It's something we're very proud of. Nothing hidden, and certainly nothing added to enhance flavours or pro-long life of ingredients artificially. So, instead of 'reading the label' we want to show you exactly what ingredients go in to making your food. We believe it's important to you because it's important to us.

For every product we make, starting with our original Handmade Coleslaw, we can show you in just one picture, the ingredients we use. This is our CLEAN RECIPE PROMISE - no additives, no preservatives, wholesome ingredients - wholesome food. What you see is most certainly what you get.

Clean Recipe Promise Handmade Coleslaw

For all our food, we want to show you how we use fresh herbs to enhance flavour, how using the rind and juice of fresh lemons and oranges means not using artificial flavours, that tearing basil at just the right time gives the best flavour. We know how important it is to keep salt levels at the right amounts and ensuring the best quality meat and chicken is used. We know this because we care about the food we make.

Our idea of great food is a simple recipe, made with best quality ingredients. No fuss, no nonsense, just enjoyable food, made really well. This is our promise to you.

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